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In Dreamscape, regular play is punctuated by seasons. These are special events that only run for a few weeks, where students are challenged to answer questions correctly and are rewarded with exclusive items.

Season Seven, titled Retro Throwback, brings back former season exclusive rewards for a few short weeks before they’re gone again. FOREVER.

As we prepare to launch our upcoming seventh season, here’s a quick look at why we run seasons in Dreamscape and why kids, educators and parents get so excited about them.

  1. Kids are more engaged during seasons. Over the course of Season Six, they’ve correctly answered over 20.8 MILLION QUESTIONS. That’s a lot of passages read and learning moments delivered.
  2. Seasons are like a field trip. They are special, shared events for kids and something that they look forward to. Trust us, ask any kid who plays. 
  3. They run for a limited time. This drives urgency and provides extra motivation to answer questions as kids hunt for season-only rewards.
  4. They help kids form good habits. Logins nearly double during a season, making regular literacy practice and comprehension activities routine. 
  5. They build confidence. Kids can track their progress visually and see themselves succeed while working towards milestones and through questions of increasing difficulty.
  6. They are goal oriented. Kids are rewarded for answering questions correctly, not just attempting them. Kids work diligently to collect rewards and each is connected to a milestone. This makes achievements that much more meaningful. 
  7. They provide  an opportunity for educators and parents to capitalize on engagement. Kids are delivered passages in two ways. Either via our learning engine (the right question, at the right time) or via our assignment tool where educators and parents can assign practice on specific areas of improvement. 
  8. They increase reading stamina. More logins and more questions answered translates to increased stamina as kids put in effort, increasing the amount of time they can sustain focus which is important for test prep. 
  9. While seasons are plenty motivating on their own, there are exclusive member rewards available to players with M or P+ memberships. This is an added bonus for our most dedicated Dreamseekers
  10. Seasons are fun and kids love them. That’s reason enough on its own (but we still think the other reasons are important).

Excited for Season Seven yet? We know we are. In fact, we’re cracking open our vault and bringing back some of our most rare and coveted items. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for the Retro Throwback season: 

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