Dive Into Dreamscape Summer Splash 2021

May 10th - August 20th, 2021

With the sun coming out to warm up our dwells, it's time to grab your swimsuits and dive into Summer Splash.

From now until the end of summer, this limited time event offers free weekly exclusive rewards like new skins, backgrounds, pets, and decorations!

This Week's Exclusive Reward

Throughout Summer Splash, enjoy free weekly exclusive items that will make your dwell shine.

Want a sneak peak? Make sure you log on and collect this week's reward, the summer pool decoration!
Once each exclusive item arrives, you only have one week to receive it before it disappears forever! So don't forget to log in each week and claim your Summer Splash prizes.

Summer 2021 Exclusive Reward List

Take a look at some of the exclusive rewards that have been released this Summer Splash! Remember, each reward is only available for one week out of the entire summer, and then its gone for good! Make sure you log in weekly to Dreamscape and start collecting these exclusive items today.

No matter where you are in the world, join us in a Dreamscape sunny celebration!