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*Only available for educator accounts.

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Student Rewards

Motivate students in Dreamscape, directly from your dashboard with monthly game rewards and personalized messages!


Unlock Pre-made Assignments

Save time by unlocking more ready-made levelled assignments created by experts.


Memberships For The Entire Class

Unlock player memberships at an extremely affordable price! With multiple class plan options available, you can pay for what you need.

Class Missions

Play as a class to defeat the boss. All players can join in on the fun, even at different reading levels! Launch your class mission and boost student engagement and collaboration with this awesome feature.

Non-Fiction Text Features Assignments

Charts and Graphs

We've partnered with expert educators to bring new text features assignments to your dashboard. Student will be able to practice skills related to charts and graphs with brand new, vibrant artwork they'll love!

Educator Testimonial

"I partnered with my principal to purchase a membership for my students at Christmas. They absolutely love it. I use Dreamscape to monitor their reading levels, look for gaps in their reading comprehension and also tie it to the standards that we are learning with our lesson for the week. I love how I am able to put lessons in for them and now I'm even able to do test prep, which is what I have them assigned to now."

Jennifer | Gr. 5 Teacher
Haskell Public Schools