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Guilt-free screen time that drives reading

The only educator-approved reading-based video game that kids choose to play.


Dreamscape is rated 4.6 by kids 8-15

Learning designed for your player

Engaging Platform

We know kids love playing games, that’s why we have intentionally designed Dreamspace to resemble games that kids already love. Our storyline, passages and in-game rewards have been purposefully created to motivate students to continue learning.

Trusted Resource

Dreamscape is trusted by tens of thousands of educators as the tool of choice to supplement reading education in the classroom and at home. Our reading practice questions were carefully created by literacy experts to align with curriculum and help kids read at and beyond grade level standards.

A Tool That Works

Dreamscape’s content adjusts to meet player’s individual needs as they play. Additionally, parent dashboards are designed to track your player’s progress and provide you with detailed insights to support your player in their journey to becoming a confident reader.

Dreamscape for Parents

Get real-time insights into your player’s learning progress with your own free Dreamscape Parent account

View reports on skills your player has mastered or struggled with to make informed decisions about instructional time.

Easily track how many passages your player has read and how many questions they answer correctly at any given time.

Assign questions to your player based on skills or genres they love!

Receive timely email updates on your player’s progress so you can continue to motivate them as they learn.

Increase reading time with a Membership

Memberships unlock motivating game features that kids love, which increases their time spent playing and reading!

Increase Engagement

Memberships come with exciting in-game rewards that encourage players to play more.

Read More Passages

More play time leads to more reading. Players with memberships read 6x more passages.

Answer More Questions

The more questions you answer, the better reader you become!

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