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Parents, reward your kids with a player membership

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Per player, billed monthly.

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Per player, billed annually.

More time playing, more time learning

Shoelace Player Memberships are proven to increase gameplay. Although Shoelace games are free to play, memberships unlock motivating game features that kids love, increasing the time they spend playing and reading.

Increase Engagement

Memberships come with exclusive in-game rewards that encourage players to play more.

Read More Passages

Players with memberships read 6x more passages while playing.

Answer More Questions

The more questions you answer, the more reading skills you master!

Turn game time into learning time!

Kids spend hours on gaming each week. Shoelace swaps out the junk food of gaming with a love of reading that helps your kids succeed.

5 – 7 years

66% play games for nearly 7h/week

8 – 11 years

88% play games for nearly 10h/week

12 – 15 years

77% play games for nearly 10h/week

Rated 4.6 by students in grades 3 – 8

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