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$48/ Year

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$29/ Year

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Premium + Players
Access to games
Access to dashboardsLimited
Placement tests1 per lifetime
Progress reportsLimited
Player rewards3 per month
Class Missions1 per month
Epic in-game assetsLimitedLimited

Placement Tests

Never think twice about what level to assign your student’s when they start a Shoelace game. The automatic placement test works behind the scenes to level your player as they play. Reassign the placement test to individual students or to your whole class, at any time, and view their growth over time.

Class Missions

Take your classroom engagement to the next level with Class Missions, an activity that motivates all your students to learn and work together as they battle the big bosses. Be the HERO of your classroom with Mission Mondays and end the week with cheers all around during Fun Fridays.

Premium Assignments

Accelerate learning with our library of top-notch assignments. Boost ELA test results and build student endurance. Choose from ready-made or custom assignments using our assignment builder. Premium offerings include rigorous, state-aligned test prep to sharpen key skills for success.

Individual Player Reports

Save time on grading with real-time skill competency reports. Measure growth for each student in your classroom with the click of a button, anytime in the year. Use the data from these comprehensive reports to help with report card development and lesson planning.

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