Eyeread's Diversity & Inclusion

We firmly believe that embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) drives innovation, improves outcomes and is foundational to equitable education for all.

At Eyeread, this means actively seeking diverse talent, fostering belonging within our own walls, advancing inclusive research and development and equity. We do this at our company and in our industry at-large ultimately transforming society through learning partnerships across education and within all communities.



The power of gaming can be used to help all kids love learning.



To devlier the best education to each unique learner through games they love


Value Statement

Guilt-Free Screen Time

Core Beliefs that Guide our Vision


Children will persist in learning when they are engaged, challenged and having fun.


Education must be accessible for all


All students have the ability to exceed their own and others' expectations.


Technology can be a better tool for personalized instruction

Behavioral Agreements

The fabric of any culture is the relationships with each other - it is the most important thing in this company. Culture must be consciously shaped or else it will be developed by default. At Eyeread, we hire and develop high performers to succeed at our mission to catalyse innovation for the creation of common language without boundaries. In order for everyone to be the best they can be and to support the team, it's important we have boundaries and guides for how we treat and communicate with each other. These guidelines have been developed by the founding team members of Eyeread and are amended over time to reflect our goals and continuously improve culture.

Radical Candor

WE AGREE to have the hard conversations directly.

WE AGREE to never take things personally.

We AGREE to deliver feedback with the intention of positive outcome.

Be Untethered

WE AGREE to explore new opportunities to innovate.

WE AGREE to learn from our users.

WE AGREE to not limit what we believe possible based on our limitations today.

Be Present

WE AGREE to the best of our efforts to be fully attentive and engaged.

WE AGREE to listen to understand, not to respond or win.

We AGREE to be prepared and value our time and the time of others.

Be Healthy

WE AGREE to prioritize physical health and mental clarity through self-care.

WE AGREE to make space for our families and that our relationships with our spouses, children, friends and pets have a direct impact on how we show up.

WE AGREE to honor times when each of us will require time away from business to nurture ourselves and our relationships


WE AGREE to help when help is needed.

WE AGREE to deliver peace of mind with tools that are fun, effective and trusted.

We AGREE to be in service to all kids and their right to access the best learning in a format they love.

We AGREE to not be complacent within our current societal structures and to use innovation to improve outcomes for all.