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What Are Class Missions?

Dreamscape's class missions - student's avatars battling a giant rock monster.
Each student’s unique avatar is shown for an immersive experience.

Class Missions are a live in-class event where students race against the clock answering independent questions and working together to take down a giant monster in Dreamscape! 

During a Class Mission, students use their individual devices to answer questions in Dreamscape as usual. Meanwhile the mission is projected via the educator’s device for the class to see.

They are designed to be engaging, cooperative and increase time-on-task during class.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to do is create a mission via your dashboard, share your screen with your class and cheer them on as they try to answer as many questions as they can before time runs out.  Here’s a list of the essentials: 

  • A Dreamscape Educator account with a class of registered students (learn how to add students here)
  • A Projector or screen big enough for the entire class to see that can connect to your computer 
  • An excited class of kids ready for an adventure!

Here’s a short watch on getting them set-up. It’s super quick!

How Do I Use Class Missions?

As an educator you control the length and level of difficulty of the mission. You can even choose to assign specific questions by setting up an assignment beforehand in the assignment tool on your dashboard.

Class mission setup page
Set-up is quick and easy, perfect for when you need a bit of extra prep time.

During Class missions the focus is on reading, answering passages and defeating the monster instead of doing things like dwell building. You can either let the adaptive algorithm deliver questions to your students at their level or you can use the assignment tool to pair specific questions or skill practice for students at the individual or at the class level.

Completed class mission, with statistics from the successful mission.
There’s a breakdown of your stats too!

We suggest starting with a short, action packed, five minute mission on easy or medium difficulty. This builds confidence and momentum, plus it ensures that the first mission is a good experience. You can adjust the difficulty up or down depending on how your class is doing.

Reward for the successfully completed mission
Bonus points: the whole class gets a reward when they successfully complete a mission!

Mission Mondays

This idea came to us from an educator and it was too good not to share! Start your week with a lesson, then use a mission to complete an activity that goes with it. 

I use the Class Missions as a way to complete an assigned activity. This focuses the students on working to answer the questions.

I also like to use Class Missions as a way to get students prepared for learning. I like that it promotes teamwork, healthy competition, immediate feedback, helps students with goal setting and the rewards for question streaks. 

Ashley, Grades 6 and 8

Fun Fridays

Another one from our teacher community! Mission Mondays to start your week and Fun Fridays to end it in style. Channel that pre-weekend energy by closing the week with an engaging Mission.

We know a lot of educators are already finishing their weeks out this way and we want to offer two more tips:

  • Use a Friday Class Mission to kick-off a homework assignment. Because Class Missions are engagement focussed, there’s no base building of battles in between questions. Use it to build momentum heading into the weekend. 
  • Assign the same skill practice you did during Mission Mondays and use them to compare growth over the week in your dashboard.

That’s it for now! Good luck on your missions and have fun!

Need more help getting set-up? Check-out this step by step guide.

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